KDE 4.4.2: One of the most popular desktop for Linux

Screen shot KDE 4.4.2

Turns out a new version of one of the most popular desktop for Linux - KDE 4.4.2. Changes in this version you can see here. A few days ago that finally I could install KDE 4.4.2. The process was quite difficult for me. The first time I tried but failed the second time I had success and I succeeded.

Well, the time I have been using KDE 4.4.2, I went pretty well, I was not usual or unusual that I can use the environment.

Then you put that, so far I've liked most and impressed.

Text and will only catch. This post meant to explain what I have read some of the new enhancements in upcoming entries and put the videos that I plan to make an individual video by category, such as a video effects to dedicate Kwin, another plasmoides and for plasma, etc..

First things first ... Air is the new design of plasma for KDE. The plasmoides and most components have been remodeados plasma with a newly designed semi-circles of white with abstract motifs.

This is a screenshot of the KDE desktop where they can view the new design in some plasmoides Air, krunner and other components of KDE 4.4.2.

I liked a lot and gives a very elegant touch to your desktop.

As I said, most related to plasma includes the redesign therefore capture everything and I take a lot.

KDE 4.3 includes new plasmoides quite good. Have improved some existing ones have been implemented and new features.

Here is a screenshot with some plasmoides on the desktop.

As you can see, there are new plasmoides like the bubble that works as a monitor of the system.

The Magnifier plasmoide press that opens a window to act as mini-microscope.

The plasmoide Remember the Milk with which we can organize our time

Plasmoide time or multimedia reprouctor (black box) that will allow us to play videos from our desktop.

One of the most I liked was the view of a folder which includes improved navigation through directories without even clicking on the press kits, by placing the cursor over them opens a small widget to navigate.

Another new feature is the new option in the Preferences Panel Spacer panel.

And other improvements on the panel plasmoides like to put a custom icon for the application launcher or a preview of the windows together.

Plasma as well as their components includes many new features, among which is the better use of the desktop.

If you recall in KDE 4.4.2 and can add several activities in each work in different ways by adding new plasmoides etc.

One of the biggest improvements is that they are treating the desktop as a complete different. For example we can have a different wallpaper for each one, a different panel, different in each plasmoides etc.

Besides this, the activities are integrated perfectly to the Desktop Grid effect may well see all of our activities.

Also new developments such as Weather or Virus Wallpaper Wallpaper changing the wallpaper depending on the weather where you are.

And as you can see also the interface has changed slightly in appearance preferences.
Kwin and effects.

This is another of the things that surprised me. With this new version of KDE including new animation effects for windows and exchange between, among other

Unfortunately this can not be captured in images that are not assessed either the animation. As I said, I will soon be in the videos for each thing.

In addition, I note that now the edges of the windows bear in ARGB mode (opacity Opacity or Alpha) independently. For example, using a theme for Dekorator with transparent images will be transparent and not only that all the decoration. A prime example here.

Some applications like Dolphin, juk, Gwenview, Kopete, among others have been upgraded with new developments.

For example, the new Dolphin supports tooltips which will help us to better visualize the details of folders, files, etc.. Furthermore Dolphin now supports the new preview of new folders.

Gwenview in addition, includes a new panel (sidebar) on the left side for better and quick navigation through folders.

Kopete has undergone a slight change in the interface of the contacts list and settings.

Among other applications.
And system tray notifications

As mentioned, some of these new developments will include KDE 4.4.2 is an enhanced system tray with many new options. Among them:
Support for multiple trays.
Separation of icons by categories.
A new style of reporting and grouping of these.
Auto hide unused icons.
As you pass the cursor over them glow (focus).

This is the only focus I work with the icon KMix (who knows why).

Here is a screenshot (upcoming video.)

System Preferences - Kcontrol.

And lastly the option to change the availability of display options Kcontrol

As a final thought I want to say that I have found a version with many improvements and very easy. The KDE team has done an excellent job and deserves the public to try this version.

Puafff! that this was quite long.

In future I will post videos of some of the independent features. I am still considering whether to make a screencast or video with audio of any substance. What do you think?

Hope you have served this and that when you leave the rest of KDE Red Hat dare to try KDE 4.4.2.

KDE 4.4.2