Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux: Evolving web browsing with Mozilla Firefox

Screen shot Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux

Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux - a program of the Foundation (and corporations) and Mozilla. Web browser Firefox, is the second most popular in the world this type of application, based on the Gecko engine. Now Firefox is using over 25% of Internet users in the world and in Poland almost every other user. The main advantages of the program is intuitive interface pages to display correctly, safety, handling a huge number of additives, interesting look that we almost can customize to your tastes and habits, and embellish designs.

Like the competing browser, Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux has support for extensions, tabbed browsing, file download manager, pop-up blocking, private mode, as well as other interesting features such as spell checking and synchronization of user data (such as history, bookmarks) between different installations mechanism with built-in browser Firefox Sync.

New version of the news and brought a lot of changes. Reconstructed interface, which is now more minimalist, abolished the title bar, the card was moved to the top, the menu is available under the button in Firefox, the status bar appears only when you point to a link cursor. The new version is also much faster to run the program and load pages - changes have taken place not only in appearance. Faster release cycle meant that new, stable version of Firefox are published more frequently.

In the competitive field of web browsers, Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux, the free bet and free from Mozilla, has a special place due to their power and versatility, gained through years of development.

Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux has a modern, minimalist design: buttons have been removed and have placed the tabs at the top to improve accessibility. The Smart Location Bar earns an important role and adds Panorama, a visual manager tabs.

But not all the virtues of Firefox are obvious: the constant improvement of its rendering engine and Javascript is evident, as well as compatibility with standards such as CSS animations, HTML5 technology or video format WebM.

Another section worth taking into account in Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux is the security and privacy. When private browsing mode adds a personalized management of the data record from any page.

While Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux does not represent a radical evolution if you have always the Mozilla browser, thanks to its developers bring us day by day improvements that make this program a leader in its category.

Mozilla Firefox 12.0 Beta 5 for Linux (2.38 MB)