Pcsx2 is an emulator, thanks to this we can play with titles for Playstation 2 on our PC.

Psx2 The park has a monstrous titles, love always JGRP and Robottoni (hey, my girlfriend has a cat named Mazinger: D) and titles like FinalFantasy, MSG, Zone of the Enders I have always been crazy.

We see a little detail in this emulator:
The emulator is available at Getdeb already packaged for ubuntu appropriate sources are available here. to use the emulator but you must have a copy of the bios of the play (not distributed with the emulator for legal issues). The games are perfectly emulated long.

Need a fairly powerful computer por able to enjoy better dell'emulatore a good video card, so a good memory and CPU. Indeed, despite the years the ps2 is a fairly powerful system but above all very complex.

PCSX2 for Ubuntu Hardy 32 bits - 0.9.4

PCSX2 for Ubuntu Hardy 64 bits - 0.9.4

Source: GetDeb