4 GNU / Linux Data Recovery

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Linux-based tools for recovering data from hard drives: If your hard drive fails to start due to damage to the partition table, Windows viruses, system errors, and other non-mechanical issues, you should consider using these tools to save your precious files or data from being lost forever. Thank God, there are hundreds of rescue tools based on Linux that can do this job easily and quickly. Here is a list of some of the most popular linux recovery distro that we can use freely.


This distro, which we discussed earlier, based on Gentoo preloaded with essential features for recovering damaged systems after a disaster. He is admitted to be run from a Live CD or USB flash drive, and comes with an easy to use graphical desktop. Among the tools we have available in this distro:

fdisk editing disk partition tables
Partimage to clone disks and partitions
TestDisk to recover lost partitions
PhotoRec to recover lost data
GNU Parted and GParted for partitioning and resizing partitions
File system tools: to create, delete, resize and move filesystems

Ubuntu Rescue Remix   

It is a Live CD or Live USB with a completely command line. It offers updated versions of some of the most capable open source tools for data retrieval, among which are GNU ddrescue, PhotoRec, the Sleuth Kit and Gnu-fdisk. Some of the packages included in the latest version of Ubuntu Rescue Remix is aoetools, array-info, ext3-grep, gptsync, kpartx, and scrounge-ntfs.

F-Secure Rescue CD   

Based on Knoppix, is specially designed to rescue damaged systems from viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malware. You can load and review the disk file systems compromised or view the installed programs. Also do repaciones advanced data recovery operations records.

Trinity Rescue Kit (TKR)

It is a command line distro based on Mandriva Linux. Its main objective is the recovery and repair of Windows systems, but can also be used on Linux systems. It is available to boot from USB or CD, as well as from the network using PXE. Trinity Rescue Kit has no man pages to save space and be smaller. Among its features are:

reset Windows passwords
Full support for writing to NTFS
Cloning NTFS file system through the network
script to find all local file systems


It is a simple tool for data recovery hablidad copying the data on file or block device to another, recovering data in case of read errors. The basic operation of ddrescue is automated but we can stop the rescue at any time and restart it right where we left tardee. Because Ddrescue not a Live CD or a distro, we can install it on your Linux system, and then mount the affected disks to start data recovery.