Autocad alternative to GNU / Linux


Following a bit with the alternatives in GNU / Linux software engineering, today we will look at the alternatives to AutoCAD.

 First I want to clarify that I have searched a lot and did not find a real alternative to this program for our beloved system, only valid options exist for those who are not very demanding and only use basic features AutoCAD, as those using AutoCAD professionally, ie you can take full advantage of the application, unfortunately you can not find an option to cad programs for linux .

But if the goal is to make the odd drawing or plan of something then we can find some interesting alternatives.

 The program in question is Qcad you could say is the more traditional world of GNU, I say this because it is the first program that pops up when you want to find out about GNU CAD management.  Payment but there is a free version maintained by the community and is in the repositories.

It could be a good alternative but has a small disadvantage: only supports 2D design.  As I read the author says that there will never be 3D design for this program, because this program code would have to be completely rewritten.

 Another complication is that it does not recognize the file format of AutoCAD. Dwg even if done with the. Dxf.  But the moment that we keep working with qcad no longer be opened in autocad, at least that's what happened to me.

 I installed it on my ubuntu to try it and I liked it, because it is simple, small things to autocad qcad takes many turns and no.  This obviously entails the disadvantage cited above, it is recommended for experts.  Most times simplicity let us if functionality.

Recognizes AutoCAD commands and interface can be in Spanish combination of menus and command line.

 There are plenty of other CAD programs for linux but as I was watching this would be the best free alternative in our possession.  I really was very useful and I will use it from now on.