The faster Operating System

Screen shot The faster Operating System


Based on Linux , 'Presto' is the Operating System (OS) in the world's fastest start and Logout.  For positions is this bit operating systems, can be simplified by saying that Linux is like Windows but free, an open source operating system that is becoming more popular worldwide.  'Presto' is a lightweight OS, just what it takes to navigate, watch videos or listen to music, to work on a text, edit some photos, make a spreadsheet or preparing a presentation.  But there are many people that do not need much more.

 Best of all, is that to install 'Presto' not to uninstall Windows, the OS is installed as an ordinary program and the next time you turn on your computer lets you choose from either, and if you choose ' Presto ', you will notice the difference.

To start the computer turns on and off in seconds, and I mean 10 or 20, no more.  'Presto' is very intuitive to use and allows you to navigate between files we had in Windows.  And an OS is ideal if you have an old laptop running stumbled, since being so light lets you restore life and work normally again.

 Of course it is not perfect, it is very easy to start and although you can install various open source applications, things will continue to need for 'Windows'.  But his chief defect is that the 'beta' is distributed free to all in English, including the keyboard, so forget about the ñ and tildes.  The developers claim that this problem will be solved with the final version, but a nail drives out another, and this is a paid version, will cost $ 20 (about 15 euros) as of April 13.