Google Chromium Web Browser for gnu / linux ubuntu

Screen shot Google Chromium Web Browser for gnu / linux ubuntu


The 'daily builds' Chromium project have allowed for the first time you can see a working version and no tricks ( and had [/ url ] achieved something thanks to CodeWeavers ) of Chromium, the basis of Google Chrome web browser for linux is available Developer and finally works on Linux.

 In OSNews reveal the discovery, and also explain the process of installing the browser on very experimental stage and with many limitations.  Still, worth a try, as evidenced by the screenshots.

The JavaScript performance test gives clear winner to Chromium.  Incidentally, Konqueror is identified as 'unknown'

 And it is still very green Chromium on Linux, but that does not stop going so fast JavaScript execution as his older brother already available from launch for Windows.  In fact we used Futuremark Peacekeeper benchmark again to see how it surrendered in that section and has both literally lying like Konqueror Firefox 3.0.7 (the version included in KDE 4.2)

 In our tests we have also found what was the behavior in the Acid 3 tests, marking the standards support, and new Chromium is still above its two contenders.

 Still, the actual operation of the program is somewhat limited: new tabs do not open well, for example, and also several of the dialogs.  The first screen of the browser to install it and open it just indicates that this is a preliminary version, but it certainly is significant progress.

 If you want to install it you only have to access the page PPA for Ubuntu Chromium Daily Builds where you will find the instructions.