How to recover deleted files on Linux

How to recover deleted files on Linux


Ever happened to accidentally delete your thesis that you submit in a few hours?  This can make anyone run desperately.  For Windows and Mac, you'll find a lot of free and shareware programs that will help you recover files.  However, in Linux, there is a shortage of these applications, making it more difficult for new users to recover files that were accidentally deleted.  But do not worry, because here I present a simple method of returning these lost files without any complications.

PhotoRec is a free and open source software that allows you to recover lost files from hard drive, digital camera and CD-ROM.  It can help you recover lost video, documents and photos from your digital memory card.  The application works just as well, even when the file system is severely damaged or formatted, making it one of the best data recovery tools for Linux.

To get started, simply install PhotoRec by typing or pasting the following command in the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T):

sudo apt-get install testdisk

 The program has about 650 KB, so it would not take long to install, even on slow connections.  Once installed, type "PhotoRec" without quotes.  The program has a user interface text-based ( ncurses ), so there will be no need to enter commands, simply navigate the interface with the arrow keys and press "Enter" to select a menu.

First, select the hard drive you want to recover files.  Select "Continue" and the application will prompt you to choose the file system.

Once done, select an output folder where the recovered files are saved.  Now, sit back and relax WHILE are recovering your files.

 And I hope they can be helpful, but remember that it is always better to back up our data rather than go looking desperately for ways to recover deleted files.