Installing Pando in Kubuntu / Linux

Screen shot Installing Pando in Kubuntu / Linux

Pando is free P2P program that allows sending, downloading and publishing large files at high speed. The files uploaded to Pando are stored on a server and have a life that varies depending on the users who downloaded it, but typically these are available for download approximately 30 days.

Pando This program is one of my favorite P2P download programs, and to obtain acceptable download speeds between 30KB to 120KB kept for a long time, so slow down somewhat in the movie or series that you did.

As we move into trying to install Linux but the truth is that I resisted, until you find a method that story below.

The first thing you must do is go to GetDeb a Debian package for this program. After downloading open a console terminal:

Start Menu> System> Konsole

Then we went to the folder where the file is just downloaded, for example, if we have downloaded on the desktop should write in the terminal:

cd Desktop
We perform the ls command to verify that our file is in this directory:

The list should leave our download (getdeb1_i386.deb ~ pandodl_0.9.2.0-1), if everything is good right now for us to install it, which we write in the terminal console:
pandodl_0.9.2.0 sudo dpkg-i-1 ~ getdeb1_i386.deb

This will install the Linux version of Pando on our machines. To start the program only have to turn to:
Start Menu> Internet> Pando Downloader

This will show us a window like this:
Screen shot Installing Pando in Kubuntu / Linux

Pando Downloader, window to open. Pando
Screen shot Installing Pando in Kubuntu / Linux

Pando Downloader, the main version of Linux Pando

To start a download, all you have to do is select a file. Pando press accept the selection window crooked. In the next window that shows click on the Download button.

Differences between the agenda of Pando in the version of the Linux and Windows, as there are many. Certainly this is a rather old version of the program and would have been very pleasant to have a single window for downloading / organizing downloaded files with Pando.

Another problem is that we're not able to perform Foward of downloaded files. But are lesser evils. Hopefully one day programmers Pando performed an update to its program for Linux users.