New Google applications for Linux

Screen shot Download New Google applications for Linux


Google is slowly taking more seriously going to Linux and is carrying some of their applications for this system.  Leave it to the Google Linux Client Team, the group of programmers who develop software for Linux.

 This team made a presentation at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in showing some of the difficulties they had encountered during the development or transfer of applications.  Including lack of standardization among different distributions to perform tasks such as installing startup scripts, cron, ...  addition to incompatibilities with some libraries preinstalled.

But more interesting than this was the announcement that this year will see new google apps for linux .  Which will be announced no specific applications to be launched, but if we had we would bet on Picasa, which Google could try to fight a little against Flickr (although I think that has little to do), or Google Talk, which should not be too difficult considering you already have a version that runs on the Nokia N800 Linux.

 What applications would you like to see in Linux?  Yes, that is also an improvement of Google Desktop, which lost many of its features in the Linux version.