Puppy 2.14 Manual

Puppy 2.14 Manual


Puppy Linux is a very smart Linux distribution, which was developed by Barry Kauler. BarryKauler is an Australian professor in (early) retirement. He developed a Windows similarLinux, which contains all the important programs and is nevertheless small enough to runeven on older PCs completely in the RAM. Puppy runs on almost all hardware, is very easyto handle and can easily be adapted to personal preferences. Many volunteers constantlyextend the software on offer. Puppy has a world-wide community, which communicatesaround the clock in English over the Internet.

Further information about Puppy.This manual will appeal to Linux beginners and Linux users, who would like to becomeacquainted with Puppy. There is a variety of information on the Internet, which you can reachfrom the Puppy-Homepage. This manual summarizes the most important information forPuppy beginners and explains the first steps with Puppy.
How to use the manual:

• Menu entries and buttons are set in "", submenus are separated by vertical lines.Example: "Menu | Shut Down | JWM restart" means, that you first click on the button"Menu", than (at the appearing menu) on the headword "Shut Down" and finally onthe headword "JWM restart".

• In the manual the letter x is used as a substitute symbol for a number. For example /dev/hdax means that you have to write /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2 or /dev/hda3 - just usewhat suits your computer.

• With the term "shell" the program "Menu | Run | Rxvt terminal emulator" is meant.