SUSE Linux celebrates 20 years old

Screen shot SUSE Linux celebrates 20 years old


Suse celebrates nothing less than its 20th anniversary openSUSE met seven years ago as a project, its first version, the 10.0-not arrive until October 2005.

 I remember that time because they mark about my arrival to the world GNU / Linux, the Linux 9.2 SUSE hand, which I installed on my hard drive, shared with Windows XP, with a bit of fear for losing everything (no, not lost nothing).  I was only a few months with SUSE, before making the leap to Mandriva and, later, to Kubuntu.  Return to the path of Gecko with 11 series, now, openSUSE.  And until today.

But since the war stories left to speak some openSUSE, which I consider a GNU / Linux mainly reliable.  In fact, it is a pity that his time should become support of only 18 months for release.  For me, it is my last review, this is the biggest flaw that you can find openSUSE now.  If you are interested in the ultimate test of this distro, a few days ago that launched openSUSE 12.2 RC 2, the final version will be with us next September 5th.

 A suse linux versions something happens like what your community version, and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this 2012 (Sept. 2), although their first release did not come until March 1994.  The company behind the software was acquired by Novell some ten years later, and now owned by Attachmate Corporation, which remains independent division.

 In all this time, has contributed much to SUSE Linux ecosystem, contributing to the development of the kernel,, who left for the reasons that everyone knows, and now do the same with LibreOffice (which are the first to contribution level, etc.).  Not forgetting our own tools as incredible as SUSE Studio.

 There are many examples of SUSE and openSUSE contributions we could give (GNOME, KDE, AppArmor, OpenStack ...), but it's best to end this post with an infographic of the achievements of a commercial project, pioneered the use of Linux, which been given much, yes, but also from other members.