SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 RC3

SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 RC3


To end this "attack Bucephalus / Penguin", we present the latest version of Suse GNU / Linux, or "SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 RC3", as they call them.  This is the Novell distribution company, which provides an environment of market-leading productivity designed specifically to enhance the level of business GNU / Linux and Free Software with confidence.

 It can be used as a platform for general purpose desktop, specialized for use in call centers, information centers, terminals, or workstations for PC users not accustomed to the environment.

Novell Linux Desktop (Suse!) also provides an ideal alternative to workstations (workstations) high cost engineering based on UNIX.  Your users can easily interoperate with Windows system users.

 Most notable is the software Suse Yast, which is a control center with considerably easy wizard to configure everything from firewalls to printers.

 SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 RC3 has been released in two versions, one for desktop: SLED, and one for servers: SLES, for public testing.  This pre-release contains all the functionality of a normal release but not the final product.  How we came to seeing the rest of the GNU / Linux, Suse is not composed entirely of free software: all proprietary software was moved to a separate ISO file which can be downloaded freely, before these non-free packages were only available in the commercial edition, which was
 advantage (from the point of view) to the world of free software because only those who bought the CD infecting their PCs with non-free software.