There will be no Netflix for Linux ... at least for now

Screen shot There will be no Netflix for Linux ... at least for now


In July last year, at the end of the Open Source Conference (OSCON) came the rumor that brought some hope to the Linux community.

 Back then, two engineers from Netflix confessed that they were working to provide native support for Linux and major developments expected next year.  Finally, it was all a farce.  The other day we had the final judgment.

"There are no plans to support netflix on linux," said Joris Evers, Director of Corporate Communications at Netflix

 Maybe Netflix engineers were wrong or maybe the project was terminated, the truth is we will never know what happened or if there was ever intended that Netflix is ??compatible with Linux, but we hope that the people of Netflix someday you will see the value of investing in free software.

 Are alternatives?  Apparently the only way to run Netflix on Linux is via a virtual machine.  Yes, not ideal, but the only thing that works.  Wine??  Siverlight not work.  Moonlight??  No DRM support.  Android Emulator? Running the Netflix app?  Yuck!  XBMC??  Accurate Silverlight.