Tutorial for creating your own Linux Drivers

Tutorial for creating your own Linux Drivers


Think you're a writing machine code?  Do you feel like a guru of C language?  or you're just an autodidact who enjoy learning new things both like to know how things work??  ....

 Giving me one of my habitualies vueltecillas by TLDC-ES/LuCAS page (whose initials are: The Linux Documentation Project / Linux) and I decided to publish this manual some time ago but it is still published as interesting as the first day.

This article is dedicated to all those users with inquiring minds who are willing to create their own drivers for the Linux operating system.  That if you are advised to have minimum requirements to take advantage of the manual.  These requirements are:

 Programming in C.  You need to know in a relatively deep programming in C as pointers, bit manipulation functions, etc.

 Notions of operation of microprocessors.  It is necessary to understand the inner workings of microcomputers such as memory addressing, interrupts, etc..  Assembly programming Knowing these concepts will be familiar.

 We also explain the beginning of it, that there are different types of devices to Linux and, for simplicity, the tutorial focuses on char devices loaded as modules.
 So you know, if they are trained and eager to face new challenges, and have a good place to start.