Versions of Linux Mint

Screen shot Versions of Linux Mint


Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distro, and improvement in many aspects of the Canonical distro.  Lately they have focused on providing multiple versions of the system as possible to fit the needs and the user's computer.  Let's see what it is.

Linux Mint Gnome
 It's a classic, and the most downloaded.  GNOME is a desktop environment completísismo, very configurable and the favorite of many users.  No resource intensive, but whether to classify it certainly is in the group of "heavy".

Linux Mint KDE
 Mcuho KDE has improved over the years.  Before the environment was "heavier", but now is on par with Gnome. Often more appreciated for its design, applications and usability.  It is very easy to use, highly configurable (though less than Gnome) and responds brilliantly.

Linux Mint LXDE
 LXDE can remember in principle to the taskbar in Windows XP.  Something positive for many who come from the Microsoft system.  But LXDE is much more than that. Their lightness makes it suitable for resource-poor s computers, and without sacrificing usability.

Linux Mint XFCE
Another environments "light" is XFCE.  By now, it has become the preferred choice of users in environments "light", and boy, it works.  Gnome is asejema in many respects, but with a much lower resource consumption.  Very useful for teams arriving Justito.

Linux Mint Fluxbox

 Fluxbox is probably the most minimalist and simple bet Mint.  Maybe it's the Mint that consume fewer resources, and all under a stable and super fast.  Ideal for loft old computers.